Saturday, February 26, 2011
And here we go again. A lot of things to do and not enough time for it… translations, translations and more translations! But since I have planned several trips to many beautiful European places during the coming weeks and months I certainly have to work a little bit! Anyway I did have time yesterday to visit the local mall for shopping a lot of new clothes … th_blissysmileDo I really need them?… well, eh… Of course I do!!! Being a FIFe student judge I really need to have enough clothes to present myself in the best way possible… It’s in the FIFe Code of Ethics for Judges and student judges! …Not?  19 Well just because they have forgotten this important point in the rules it doesn’t mean that it’s not relevant, right?  Or are these fashion cravings a severe case of 40-year-old crisis 26
But looking at my new jeans, skirts and tops, It doesn’t really matter 2


Josefine said...

Well spoken ;)